India Projects

Salem, India 2012

In 2012, Windsor-Roseland undertook the Senthil Project in Salem, India in an area that had experienced loss of life from a tsunami and suffered from severe power outages. DG Aruna Koushik and her team installed solar cookers at an orphanage, provided children with notebooks and purchased hearing aids for children with physical challenges such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy.


Chennai & Southern India 2016

In 2016, Windsor-Roseland undertook the Jansvak Project in Chennai and Southern India in an area that had experienced the worst floods in history. Many in the region were struggling to make ends meet and repair their damaged homes. DG Aruna Koushik and her team decided to focus on the children of the area to emphasize the importance of attending school by providing 99 backpacks full of school supplies.


Tiruttani, Tamilnadu state of India 2018

In 2018, Windsor-Roseland and DG Aruna Koushik collaborated with the Rotary Club of Chennai Presidency in India to create the Quenching Thirst Project. In Tiruttani, in the Tamilnadu state of India there was a scarcity of water. It was determined to drill a bore well to provide potable (drinking) water to 2,500 – 3,000 households (approximately 5,000 people). The well was completed in 2019 and has had a great impact on the community. It stopped the women from walking miles every day carrying water on their heads. It allowed the women to spend their time caring for their children and sending them to school.




India 2019-2020

In 2019-20, DG Aruna Koushik travelled to India and used funds from Windsor-Roseland Rotary, the District’s World Community Service Fund, several Rotary clubs and donations from individual community members to help those in need as follows:

  • an auto rickshaw was purchased to allow a polio survivor to earn a living and support his family in Chennai, India
  • a walking caliper was provided to aid a polio survivor and a pair of calipers was provided to allow a boy born with deformities to walk
  • two artificial limbs were purchased for accident victims in a rural village in India
  • the cost of two scans was provided for a woman being treated for cancer
  • 100 kits containing essential baby needs were provided to the mothers of newborn babies.



Walk India, Rotary Club of Mambalam 2020-21

In 2020-21, the COVID pandemic prevented international travel but DG Aruna Koushik secured funds from Windsor-Roseland Rotary, a World Community Service Grant and other donations to fund 20 artificial limbs in India to support the Rotary Club of Chennai Mambalam’s Walk India. As well, DG Aruna Koushik learned of a project in Malaysia to Prevent Suicide in Youth and organized a large donation from the Windsor-Roseland and Essex Rotary Clubs along with a World Community Service Grant to help fund this “Train the Trainer” program.