Club President


Our President, Paula Talbot

Paula Talbot is our current President and a Past President of The Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland.  She has also served as an Assistant Governor and D6400 Dean of Assistant Governors.  Her Rotary life has spanned over the last 20 years and has worked on many committees at the club and district level.

Paula has travelled to Guatemala where she supported the Guatemala Literacy Program and is a Level 4 Paul Harris Fellow.  She has received club awards such as the President’s Exemplary Award, Rotarian of the Year and at the district level she was also honoured with a Council of Governors award in 2016.

In her 9-5 world she has spent over 20 years in the Not for Profit sector as Program Manager, Fund Development Director and Volunteer Coordinator.   She is currently working at the Canadian Aviation Museum where she loves to see history being kept alive. 







A Message from Paula Talbot, Current President of Windsor-Roseland Rotary

Let’s begin to IMAGINE what the coming year can bring for us, for the community and for the world. 
How lucky are we, the district and the club to be able to support one of our own, in the ultimate role of Rotary ….. RI President Jennifer Jones. We are all thrilled to support and cheer Jennifer on and thank her for asking us to IMAGINE ROTARY. The possibilities are endless.
I would like you to take a moment to think of this one simple question … 
WHY do you continue to come back, week after week?
Is it for service?  Friendship?  Chicken and Pasta?  Travelling?  To change the world?  Yourself?

I truly believe that once you know your WHY, it will make it even easier for you to IMAGINE what you WANT to see in Rotary and in the future. 
Let’s bring a spotlight to what we do.
 difference in our community, our world and ourselves.